About Me

I'm a student who is studying Digital Arts. I love drawing, I use photoshop, illustrator and Sai Paint Tool. I am just your average nerd who loves to watch anime, read manga and play games.

What I do.

I am currently studying Digital Arts at Kingston College. I wanted to learn a bit more about digital arts, so I chose this course. In my spare time I draw using Sai Paint tool or Photoshop. I recently just started using Sai Paint tool, and I love it so far. It's a really amazing software to use, and it helped me develop my skills a bit more.

My Artwork

My artwork is mainly anime inspired, I love anime, manga and Japanese culture. I hope to study there one day.

What I want to do.

There is a lot of things I would love to do. Me, telling you this would make you think I dream to high and I have no limit. I am extremely ambitious, and I want to try a lot of things. I want to own my own magazine that will encourage young people to start up their creative careers, whether it's music, directing, performing or art. I also want to design games and start script writing as I love writing stories, I want to see something that I've created to come to life. I want to start creating manga/anime, it has always been a dream of mine, it's probably the main reason as to why I started drawing. I also want to try directing, but I am certainly not ready for that yet, as I can't even talk to my classmates fully. But, don't worry it'll happen... soon