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    Using a network well over 750M followers across Twitter and Instagram, NowADays Media is probably the largest and many influential media companies around. We like to to state we have Millenials and Gen Z in the palm individuals hands (and our background speaks towards that).

    With all the capability to offer to 200M impressions daily in an unbeatable CPM – we might drive hundreds of thousands (sometimes millions) of app downloads, video views, and eyeballs on virtually any business, brand, IP or branded content. Our network has garnered over 40 search trends in the US, Canada and UK iOS App Stores.

    We’re not merely a one-off platform that middle-mans that you influencers, we live and breathe this industry day in and day trip through deep roots within the communities that control them. Using our Many years of combined experience with influencer marketing NowADays runs full scale campaigns with clever, subtle creatives that instill worries of missing out.

    These days, trends are born on social media. We create trends. Allow us to assist you in getting on the market. We’re going to scream from your rooftops in your case and today someone will actually exist to listen to it.

    So, what are many of the trends you should look for in 2018 to help you differentiate yourself from competition for all-important brand awareness and fundraising dollars?

    Artificial Intelligence: Keeping my previous reason for mind about having humans associated with marketing that can see the context which can be happening using your supporters between your digital and real worlds, artificial intelligence (AI) will probably drive really your marketing efforts. Although we are on the dawn of the AI age, we already have AI which is infinitely better which enable it to do over whole multiple marketers. AI are assisting as you segment or customize your articles delivery. Quite simply, one number of your supporters is going to be viewing Content A while another group will be viewing Content B, depending on criteria that you just set out. AI will power all this, and you will have to find out its presence so you can reap the benefits of it and then use it effectively.

    Video Content: You are aware that video content articles are vital to today’s marketing content strategy. As AI improves across digital platforms, preference will be given to content that includes video. One of many easiest things you can do to start to drive increase engagement is creating live streams and incorporating video into the content. You can track and compare your engagement, for instance, on the Facebook page on posts that contain video versus only photo and text copy. Most likely, you will notice exactly the same data we see in our social marketing–video content gets more engagement and traction.

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