Cars 3 easily won the top spot, but sales showed a significant shortage compared to the Cars series. Here is the opening sales of the Cars series in the weekend’s debut in North America:

  • Cars (2006): $ 60.1 million
  • Cars 2 (2011): $ 66.1 million
  • Cars 3 (2017): $ 53.5 million

Cars 3 also surpassed many other Pixar brothers such as The Good Dinosaur ($ 15 – $ 39.1 million); Ratatouille (2007 – $ 47 million). But this revenue is also much worse than experts predict. Cars 3 just surpassed The Good Dinosaur – a pretty dangerous signal for Pixar, but viewers who enjoyed the gomovies said they liked the gomovies .

In the international market, Cars 3 gently collected $ 21.3 million in key markets such as Mexico ($ 5.9 million) and Russia ($ 4.8 million). The gomovies will be available in several other major markets from the end of September to the end of September, but there is no release schedule for the Chinese market – maybe the film will lose a lot of revenue here. Cars 3 will launch in Vietnam on August 11, 2017.

Cars 3 is the same, but people are still watching for the first female superhero DCEU – Wonder Woman . After 17 days of debut, Wonder Woman pocketed more than $ 571.8 million. Considering the superhero genre (from 1978 up to now), Wonder Woman is currently ranked 18th on the box office, currently ranked behind MoS. At the current pace, Wonder Woman is likely to outpace other rivals Iron Man 2 ($ 312.4 million), Iron Man ($ 318.4 million), and even Suicide Squad ($ 325.1 million). # 13, behind Batman v Superman for $ 330.3 million. Ranked at number one is The Avengers for $ 623.3 million (gross North American).

Another blockbuster in trouble is The Mummy , a North American- escaped film but very popular in the United States. After 10 days of release, the film only grossed $ 56.5 million in North America and more than quadrupled internationally for $ 239.1 million.

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